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The general objective of the CEAR project is, primarily, to systematize a practical model of community and civic engagement that can enhance civil society’s skills and capacity to prevent and counter-radicalisation (PVE/CVE) by developing digital toolkits to disseminate in the local communities. Secondly, to develop support structures offering to all relevant local actors tailored trainings and consultancy services to help them to implement specific initiatives on PVE/CVE.
For that purpose, the project created a platform of consultancy services, in order to provide technical assistance to NGOs in the field of P/CVE.
The objective of the Online Platform is to facilitate pro bono networking between consultants/experts on P/CVE and organisations of civil society that need support in their projects, such support can be:

  1. Support to the creation and execution of P/CVE project’s idea.
  2. Project’s fine-tuning.
  3. Fundraising – how to fund projects?
Both organisations and consultants do a pre-registration that will then be validated by the project’s team based on the organisation and consultant’s experience. The idea is to create a match between project’s needs and consultant’s services.